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The Magickal Houses
The Moon in the 12 Houses

1st - The Magus – self, adept or practitioner, elemental fire, your personal style and method of presenting yourself on a one-on-one basis. How you personally practice magick, the mask you show the world, your magickal persona, early life and childhood, Oestara, and the East.

2nd – Items, possessions, tools (as objects), self-esteem, music, songs and singing, what you need in sex, creature comforts, money spells, Mother, Gaia, what you value materially and otherwise, ethics, Beltane.

3rd - The spoken word, the paper spells are written on, rote memorization, short distances in magick, vehicles for travel, low mysteries, books, writing and teaching, everyday life, magickal siblings, all forms of communication.

4th – The Magickal circle, elemental Water, the altar, home base/working, the inward manifestation of the working, weather magick, Goddess/Mother, family traditions, your family and ethnic heritage, food magick, feasting, the grave, caves and underground places, the end of the matter as manifested, psychological base and traits, land and real estate, Midsummer, and the North.

5th – The creative force of the spell itself, love magick, the Sun God, celebratory magick, children, divination, gambling and speculation, hobbies, creative self-expression, ideas you bring and add to your workings, magick as theater, Lughnassadh.

6th - Students, disciples, magickal helpers, animal spirits, familiars, small animals, maidens, martyrs, fasting, special diets, Evocation of the Gods and Goddesses, tools (as active wielders of energy), clothing/robes, herbs, food magick, handicrafts, Maiden, sickness and health and wellness, low magick.

7th – The other, elemental Air, the end desired, weddings/handfasting, open enemies, war and peace, fine arts, diplomacy and mediation, allies and supporters, Mabon, the West.

8th – Sex magick, what you have to offer in sex, ritual magick, death and rebirth, initiation, what you owe, chthonian issues, banishment, elimination, spiritual development, astral travel, meditation, other people’s self-esteem, other people’s possessions, group resources (financial and otherwise), morality, Samhain.

9th – Visualizations behind the spoken word, the astral plane, the religion of Magick, long distant magick, higher mysteries, ethics, laws, judgment, publishing and publications, understanding of how and why magick works, pilgrimages, dreams, advertising, the priesthood as a body, big rituals.

10th – Elemental Earth, outward manifestation of workings, what you strive to attain, God/Father, Crone, hierarchy, magickal superiors, High Priest and Priestess, honors, and achievements, how you present yourself to large groups and to the world at large, publicity and reputation, Yule, the South.

11th – Angels, magickal community, coven, “church as community,” friends, aspirations, astrology, experimental stuff, wishes, other people’s children, other people’s creative self-expression, groups and societies, Imbolc.

12th – Magick, invocations of the God and Goddess, spiritual merging with the other, survivors of calamity and misfortune, charity, perfumes and incense and oils, group magick, channeling, mediumship, dance, secret enemies, prison, drugs and alcohol, hospitalization and hospitals, healing, large animals, spirit guides, secret aid and supporters, secret societies, high magick.

The Moon in the 12 Houses
The Magickal Houses

1st House
Moon in Aries
2nd House
Moon in Taurus
3rd House
Moon in Gemini
4th House
Moon in Cancer
5th House
Moon in Leo
6th House
Moon in Virgo
7th House
Moon in Libra
8th House
Moon in Scorpio
9th House
Moon in Sagittarius
10th House
Moon in Capricorn
11th House
Moon in Aquarius
12th House
Moon in Pisces