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The Mundane Houses

Bottom Half of the Wheel (1 – 6) – Personal houses, they relate directly to the individual’s inner self.
Top Half of the Wheel (7-12) – Houses of “the other,” outside influences on the individual and influences one has on others.
Left Half of the Wheel (1 – 3 and 10 – 12) – Self-determining and active.
Right Half of the Wheel (4 – 6 and 7 – 9) – Reactive and going with the flow.

Polar Opposites: 1 = Self, 7 = other; 2 = possessions and values, 8 = other’s possessions and values; 3 = neighborhood, lower mind, short distance travel, 9 = the world or far away places, higher mind, long distance travel; 4 = home and Mother, 10 = business/career and Father; 5 = children, lovers and speculation, 11 = other’s children, friends, groups and associations; 6 = health, work and servants, 12 = hospitalization, inability to work and service to humanity.

House Qualities:
Angular (The four houses on the angles, 1, 4, 7 and 10) – most powerful, active, initiating, leading, having to do with birth. The beginnings, the first establishment of energies.
Succedent (2, 5, 8 and 11) – the next most powerful, solid, stabilizing, establishing and growth. The most solid and strong expression of energies in the angular houses, how they are expressed.
Cadent (3, 6, 9 and 12) – the weakest, transitional, moderating, compromising, adaptive, coming to fruition. These houses bridge from one triad to another. They wrap up matters and prepare the way for the next cycle.

In Magick – 4, 8, 12 and the 6/12 axis (Virgo and Pisces) are which magick systems you use, how you practice and what you do with magick. The actual performance of magick.
4th House – Basis for magick. Your inherent abilities and inclinations for magick and how you operate magickally. The element of the sign on the cusps, the element of that planet’s ruler and the moon sign indicate where your psychic abilities lie. The sign on the cusp is your preferred style of magickal expression. The sing on the cusp paired with the house placement of its ruler gives you more information on your style of magick. Also include influences of any planets that are in the fourth house and the sign and placement of your moon. Your first degree magickal experience, innate talents, potentials and interests.
6th House – Where you take the talents, learned skills and philosophies revealed in the fourth house and how you apply them to everyday life. What you make with your hands in and for magick, the tools and objects you use, the handicrafts of magick. Describes your garden (if any), or the herbs you use, or style of Tarot deck you prefer. “Prop,” familiars or coven siblings, or co-workers of magick. Rules evocation of Gods and Goddesses for outside help, how the workings manifest on the material plane, if at all, and shamanism (the techniques and props of). If 4, 8, 6 and 12 are in aspect, or if 6 is stronger than 12, you may be more inclined towards shamanism. Relates more to magick used outside of the circle. Everyday magick, props, tools and words used, results of workings on the material plane. Where and how interests, potential, specialties and energies manifest on the material plane by the individual.
8th House – The style or tradition of magick you eventually settle into. How you creatively express yourself with magick. The fun of magick. The types and qualities of initiatory experiences you may or may not have. Could be where you find some indication of what specialties you use and stay with throughout your magick career. The sign on this houses cusp. the planets here, the sign and house placement of the cusp’s ruler and the sign and house placement of Pluto are all indications will lend further insight into this. The blending of Key words can be helpful in determining interpretations. Acquired magickal abilities, your second degree magickal experience, interests and specialties.
12th House – The spirituality and religious expression, if any, of magick. Your philosophies and mindset behind magickal expression. How you practice magick. The culmination of your magickal experience and expression. Rules the magickal energies raised and their effect upon the magickal plane. Rules invocation, bringing the Gods and Goddesses into yourself as their direct agent on the material plane. Merging with the “infinite.” Indicates the magickal persona you adopt in Circle, who you are in the magickal community, locally, country-wide, and in the world as a whole. Becomes you magickal ascendant and interpreting your chart with the 12th house as the ascendant, and remembering the other houses accordingly, can add insight into your personality, from a magickal perspective. How talents and abilities are applied and used, third degree magickal experience, formal ceremonial magick experience, formal ceremonial magick, energy raised and thought forms created, the magickal workings themselves.