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Calculating the Phase of the Moon at Your Birth
The Eight Phases of the Moon

To calculate the phase the moon was in when you were born: 30 degrees – the number of your Sun’s degrees + each intervening sign between the sun and moon on your chart (houses without the sun or moon in them, counting clockwise) + the Moon’s degrees = Your Moon Phase.

If the moon is ahead (to the left of) the sun in the same house = New Moon. If the moon is behind (to the right of) the sun in the same house = Balsamic Moon. If the moon is behind (to the left of) the sun in an adjacent house, then there are no intervening signs.

The Eight Phases of the Moon
Calculating the Phase of the Moon at Your Birth

The phase the moon was in at the time of your birth can give you insights into what your soul’s mission is in this incarnation.

New Moon (0 – 44 degrees) – beginning of a cycle, just starting out, charm, spontaneous, forming a personality, one can be insensitive to others in their expression of selfhood, acts instinctively, plunges into new experiences, good at starting projects, can be easily distracted by new projects or ideas.

Crescent Moon (45 – 89 degrees) – karmic stuff from the past, struggle to break out of past life patterns and make one’s own way, feelings of inertia and dependencies from past conditions, mobilizes resources to assert self in a new direction, has chosen the path to take during this life cycle.

First Quarter (90 – 134 degrees) – good managing abilities, cardinal tendencies, reforming old structures, discarding things no longer needed, desire to changer people, active and moving, managing energy released from crisis’s, can create crisis to incite change, building new structures.

Gibbous (135 – 179 degrees) – searching for a goal through study and analysis, desire for soul growth, relating one experience with another, prophetic abilities, perfecting techniques and form, introspective, questing for revelation, preparation for emergence into the public arena.

Full Moon (180 – 224 degrees – culmination of a cycle, personal magnetism, people bring you their problems for solutions, difficulties with relationships, looking for perfect partner, can be reclusive or celibate, infusing meaning and contentment into life structures, emergence into public arena, objectivity, illumination.

Disseminating Moon (225 – 269 degrees) – share with others what they have found to be meaningful to themselves, talent for promoting others or their own ideas, need to tell all they have learned so their experiences may have value, crusaders in religion/philosophy/concepts/ideas, distribution of ideas and resources.

Last Quarter (270 – 314 degrees) – going through crisis and changes in order to reorient thinking, crisis of consciousness, strong principles, strongly affected by Mercury’s phases – especially retrogrades, looking outward or inward depending on Natal mercury direct or retrograde motion, turning away from old expressions and looking toward new ideas, owning up to actions and choices for good or ill.

Balsamic Moon (315 – 359 degrees) – end of a cycle, changing from personal to group consciousness, something new will emerge which will help others, being possessed by destiny, involvement with causes/humanitarianism/metaphysicians, looking to the past and the meaning of life, prophetic abilities, commitment to the future, distilling wisdom of cycle completed and passing it along as a legacy for others, completion of Karma, making ready for a new cycle, looking to the past with an eye to benefiting the future by learning from mistakes and triumphs.