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Planets and the Signs They Rule
What the Planets Say About You

Sun – Leo
Moon - Cancer
Mercury – Gemini and Virgo
Venus – Taurus and Libra
Mars – Aries
Jupiter – Sagittarius
Saturn – Capricorn
Uranus – Aquarius
Neptune – Pisces
or 0 Pluto – Scorpio
North Lunar Node – this is not associated with any particular sign of the zodiac in Western astrology, but the North Node symbolizes the Dragon’s head (upward-pointing, dharma – showing the way ahead, our fate).
South Lunar Node – This is not associated with any particular zodiac sign. The South Node symbolizes the Dragon’s tail (downward pointing) showing us past lives and where we have been (our karma) which we must resolve by following our dharma – doing what has to be done.

What the Planets Say About You

Sun – the way one expresses themselves.
Moon – One’s reactions to all situations.
Mercury – One’s mental capacity.
Venus – One’s needs in relationships.
Mars – One’s level of physical energy.
Jupiter – The breadth of one’s vision, intellect & their philosophical & spiritual attitudes.
Saturn – One’s level of responsibility and worldly progress.
Uranus – One’s need for power and their capacity to cope with sudden changes.
Neptune – One’s individual idealism and any escapist tendencies.
Pluto – One’s reaction to deep-rooted psychological problems.