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General Timing Tools
Monthly Moons & Retrograde Mercury (not Phases of the Moon)
Direction of the Wind
Times of Day (click here for Planetary Hours)

Monthly Moons & Retrograde Mercury
(not Phases of the Moon)

Full = “most waxed” New = “most waned”

Waxing Moon – good for starting things, new things (experiences, ideas, people, places, items, etc.), things that need to increase or grow, planting, planting above ground crops, leaving on a trip, things that will be brought out into the open, bringing together, building, binding, gathering, summoning, action, birth and growth, vitality is high.

Waning Moon – good for ending ventures, things that should decrease, wither or die, dieting, harvesting, planting root crops, things which should remain secret, banishing, losing, sending away, returning home form a trip, reaction, loss, letting go, giving away, death and decay, vitality is lessened.

Void-of-Course Moon – best for subjective, spiritual, non-material concerns, prayer, yoga, play, parties, psychotherapy, sleep and meditation.

Black Moon – don’t perform any magick.

Blue Moon – the “Witch’s Moon,” a time of extra magick, the second Full Moon in a month.

Wolf Moon (January) – a time for protection magick.

Chaste Moon (February) – a time for renewal, youth, mending a broken heart, making way for the new.

Seed Moon (March) – a time for rebirth, to rejuvenate passion, to plant the seeds of new beginnings (love, etc.).

Hare Moon (April) – a time for fertility and growth; a time to honor the Goddess Oestara, patron of springtime.

Dyad Moon (May) – a time to bond, find a partner, double your love, pair up and share.

Mead Moon (June) – a time to pick fresh flowers, hay and grasses for love talismans.

Wort Moon (July) – a time to gather herbs to dry to use in love spells at another time.

Barley Moon (August) – a time to manifest love, cast spells for wants and harvest the first fruits of the year.

Wine Moon (September) – a time to celebrate the grape and the intoxicating qualities of love; a time to toast a relationship.

Blood Moon (October) – a time to recall the blessings of former loves and prepare for winter loving; a time to renew love commitments.

Snow Moon (November) – a time to honor the Snow Queen, the Frost Giants and the cold cycle of the earth; a time to provide warmth and coziness for loved ones.

Oak Moon (December) – a time to strengthen a relationship, build Yule fires and give gifts to loved ones.

Retrograde Mercury – good for cleaning up old stuff, finishing matters left hanging, cleaning out your life, reflection, introspection, looking back, looking up old friends, doing “rainy day” projects that you’ve been putting off, dwelling on the past, nursing old grudges, nostalgia, getting a second chance, regression into past lives, any psychic activity linked to looking into the past and doing stuff over again, especially if it went wrong the first time.

Direction of the Wind
Monthly Moons & Retrograde Mercury (not Phases of the Moon)
Times of Day (click here for Planetary Hours)

North Wind - Finishing, closing, separating, getting out.

East Wind – Changes, new beginnings, intellect, communication.

South Wind – Fire, passion, initiative, strength.

West Wind – Cleansing, purifying, love, gentleness.

Times of Day
Direction of the Wind
Monthly Moons & Retrograde Mercury (not Phases of the Moon)

Daytime – Expanding.

Nighttime – Inverting.

Sunrise – New beginnings.

Sunset – Truth finding.

Midday – Extra power.

Midnight – Banishing.