Artwork by Marja Lee Kruyt

Planetary Angel Ritual Invocation

Preparation: First, decide what it is you wish to accomplish. Next, select the angel who rules that particular area and its attributes or correspondences. Then, select the appropriate day and hour ruled by that angel during the correct phase of the moon.

Begin by cleansing and purifying yourself during the twenty-four hours preceding the ritual.

The next day, cleanse the room where you plan to conduct it, to dispel any lingering negative energies. Dress in either white or the color of your chosen angel. Burn an appropriate incense, and infuse the room with its aroma. Then, visualize a circle of light glowing around the room, starting and ending in the east. Be sure to always move deosil (clockwise) while in your ritual area. Next, place your elemental candles in position: yellow in the east, green in the north, blue in the west, and red in the south. Lay a large piece of cloth, of the color that symbolizes your angel, in the center of your ritual circle, for you to stand on while performing the invocation. Also place a small glass of wine, spring water, or grape juice, and a small cake or bread roll on the cloth. When all is in readiness say the following:

“In the name of the Creator of the universe, by whom we have both been created, I ask you great Archangel, _____________, to grant that this which I desire, _______________, and which falls under your regency, be manifested and realized in the material world in a natural and positive form, for my benefit, and without any danger to myself or to any other person.”

Repeat this at each of the cardinal points of your circle, moving in a deosil direction. Then, turn to face the east and say:
“May this bread that I offer you aid me in the manifestation of what I ask in prosperity and joy in the material world.”

Then, eat the cake, or bread, with reverence, visualizing your desire as having already manifested. Next, raise the glass of wine, and say:
“May this wine that I offer you aid me in the manifestation of what I ask in joy and prosperity in the material world.”

Then, reverently, drink the wine, again, visualizing your desire as having already manifested. Place the empty glass back on the floor, open your arms wide, and say:
“I give thanks to the Almighty Creator and the Archangel, ___________, for granting my desire, and I say hail and farewell.”

Repeat this, moving deosil, at each of the cardinal points, and see the circle of light fading form the room, leaving you with a great sense of inner peace and well-being. Extinguish the candles and, later, dispose of them. Finally, wrap the angel’s attributes in the piece of cloth and store them in a safe place, for later use.

Scrying Your Guardian Angel

Perform this ritual on the day of the week ruled by the Planetary Angel who rules your birth sign, during a waxing moon.

To begin, you will need:
Incense made of frankincense, myrrh, lavender, and saltwater
A white cloth large enough to sit on
White rose petals
Four violet-colored candles
An Amethyst Mirror

Purify and cleanse yourself and the ritual area with an incense made of frankincense, myrrh, and lavender infused with saltwater, moving deosil (clockwise) from east, to south, to west, to north, and back to the east. Light the four candles, one in each of the four cardinal points of the room. The candle in the east should be placed so as to faintly illuminate the mirror, but not so that its flame is reflected in it. Then, sprinkle the white cloth with white rose petals, and sit on it, facing the east, with the lights out, and the mirror goes in front of you.

Relax and enter into an alpha state. Close your eyes and say: “In the name of the Creator of the Universe, I ask my holy guardian angel to reveal to me his name and to let me see his face in the amethyst mirror.”

Wait a few minutes, keep your mind clear of all thoughts. When the angel’s name comes to you, in a sudden bright flash, open your eyes and look into the mirror. Watch the light that is swirling there until his image is revealed. Remain calm and ask any question that you may have, to your guardian angel. Wait for the answer. You may ask as many questions as you like, at this point, so long as you are finished within one hour, the duration of your angel’s planetary reign of force. When you’ve finished, bring yourself out of alpha and back to “reality.” Extinguish the candles and store them with the mirror for future scryings, vanquish the circle of light, and thrown the rose petals outside your window. Eat cake and wine, as usual, to anchor all energies.