Emerald Insights (Arcanums) The Incarnations of Hermes Trismegistus Stages of Alchemical Transformation
From Dennis William Hauck's
The Emerald Tablet

Emerald Insights (Arcanums)

Arcanum One: Whatever remains Below becomes its own worse enemy.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth can save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
-Jesus in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

Arcanum Two: The way to truth is through Intelligence of the Heart.

“As sentient beings, our only advantage is to live on the edge between ‘yes and no,’ in the chaotic zone where only intuition knows the way.”
-Dennis William Hauck (author of The Emerald Tablet)

Arcanum Three: Every created thing carries the signature of its creator.

“By contemplating the relationship between the objects in our lives and the forces that created them, we can arrive at the ‘thing itself’ and know its inherent identity.”
-Dennis William Hauck

Arcanum Four: Continued enlightenment comes from living within the Operation of the Sun.

“I feel if one follows what I call one’s bliss, the thing that really gets you deep in your gut and that you feel is your life – doors will open.
They do!” -Joseph Campbell

Arcanum Five: The gateway to the Above is through the True Imagination.

“True Imagination is the fusion of our mind with the One Mind, the passionate union of self and divine beyond all egocentric fantasy.”
-Dennis William Hauck

Arcanum Six: Your feelings and thoughts are the feelings and thoughts of the Whole Universe.

“Understand that you are a second little world and that the sun and moon are within you, and also the stars.” (You create your own universe.)
-Origen, an Alexandrian scholar

Arcanum Seven: The Stone is a purified consciousness that remains intact on all levels of reality. (All is One!)

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The Incarnations of Hermes Trismegistus

Thoth – The Egyptian God of Thought who preserved the knowledge of ultimate truth through the great, cleansing Flood, so that the worthy might still have a chance at transformation.

Akhenaten – The Egyptian pharaoh who worshipped the Aten, the One Thing, and sought to live in accordance with the providence of the One Mind.

Balinas – The Egyptian misfit youth whose rediscovery of the Emerald Tablet transformed his life and, whose tireless work in Alexandria, made it possible for the contents of the miraculous document to be transmitted into our own era.

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Stages of Alchemical Transformation
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The Calcined Person: This being has gained respect for the powerful hidden forces within and has lost respect for the transient and illusory forces outside. One no longer approaches the world through the pulpit of ego but instead has discovered the preeminence of the One Thing within, at the tabernacle of the Soul, from which springs active participation in the course of one’s life. This person no longer tries to manipulate or control people or event; they are humble.

The Dissolved Person: This person is non-judgmental; a wonderful flowing presence, free of inhibitions, prejudgments, and rigid mental structures. They are no longer afraid to express that whish is within. The forces of a greater presence shine through this one.

The Separated Person: People undergoing separation tend to be courageous and daring, often initiating major changes in the world and the people around them. If their unyielding willpower can be harnessed, such people can progress rapidly though alchemical transformation and work miracles never before seen in the world.

The Conjuncted Person: One who is appreciative of the alchemical forces at work in relationships and careers, and tends to be considerably kinder and more sensitive to the dynamics of people. Such a person appears balanced and confident, hard to panic, not easily upset, though still very much in touch with his or her feelings. That inner harmony is proof of the balancing of the elements in the alchemist and signifies that on is ready to work with the forces of the Above. This being has found true self-esteem that is not grounded in egocentric lies but derived from experiencing the united essences within.

The Fermented Person: Once Fermented, on becomes suddenly alive and irrepressibly hopeful because their attention is diverted from this world to something higher. In many people, their awareness and creative or imaginative abilities seem to skyrocket.

The Distilled Person: This person has gained astonishing equanimity and one-pointedness. Though sometimes they can appear lacking in basic feelings and emotions, they can be highly intuitive and undeniably psychic when they take the larger view to which they are privy.

The Coagulated Person: A being who exudes a unique Presence, a steady confidence in their daily activities, and others begin to see them as authentic and whole persons whom they want to emulate. People sense this higher presence and want to worship it. The ability of the alchemist to direct the energies of his body consciously blesses him with great healing powers, too.

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