Also known as the Tarshishim, Force, and the Mights.
Their Cabalistic name is Malachim

Virtuous Virtues - Ruling Princes - Other Virtues

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The Virtues are in charge of conferring the qualities of virtue, grace and valor to human beings. They preside over the elements and rule the processes of celestial life. They're in charge of the motions of the planets, the stars, and the galaxies. They are also in control the cosmic laws, astronomy, and astrophysics, as well as nature and Earth's natural laws (including all natural phenomena and miracles). In the cabalah they're known as the Malachim or the Tarshashim. According to Camfield in A Theological Discouse of Angels, they are called the Mights.

They are a high-ranking order, usually considered to be second or third in the second triad of the Pseudo-Dionysian hierarchy. Two of the angels from this order are said to have led twelve others to earth in order to prepare Eve for Cain's birth. The two Angels of the Ascension are traditionally said to be Virtues, as well.

Virtuous Virtues

The Angel of Freedom
Her purpose is to remove the obstacles to freedom. She can help us to find our freedom, value its place in our lives and cherish it in all of our relationships.

The Angel of Trust
Her purpose is to open our hearts and minds to trusting in the goodness of life. She can help us to learn to trust ourselves, life itself and all it has to offer, and to trust other people.

Ruling Princes

Pe-Re (in hermetics) - Michael - Raphael - Barbiel - Uzziel - Peliel - Satan (before his fall)

Other Angels

Asaliah - Atuniel - Faith - Fortitude - Melchisedec - Mihael - Sabrael - Seruf - Shelviel - Shinanin - Sieme - Splendors - Tarshiel - Tarshish - Tipperah - Urfiel - Usiel - Veualiah

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