Their Cabalistic name is Ophanim or Auphanim.
They are also known as the Bene Elohim, Arelim, Erelim, Ishim, and Abalim.

Angels of the Thrones - Raziel's Seven Angels - Moses' Fifteen Angels of Cabalistic Magick
Other Throne Angels

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Their name is derived from the fact that they stand before God's throne in the Seventh Heaven.
Their mission is to inspire faith in the power of the Creator and their job is to carry out divine justice,
as commanded by the Powers. In Judaism they are also known as the Ophanim, the Erelim, and the Abalim (great angels).

As the Ophanim (Ofanim and Galgallim), according to cabalistic works, they are the Wheels of the Merkabah,
the second angelic choir (sixth, according to Mirandola), associated with the sephira Chokmah (wisdom).
The Zohar says that they rank higher than the Seraphim. According to the Pseudo-Dionysians,
they rank third in the among the first triad, reside in the Fourth Heaven,
and are the cabalistic equivalent of the Thrones. To Enoch they are the angels of the "fiery coals."

The Book of the Angel Raziel names seven throne angels,
while other sources number them anywhere between four and seventy
(The sixth and Seventh Books of Moses number them at fifteen.)
The ruling prince of this order is said to be either Oriphiel, Zabkiel, or Zaphkiel,
depending, of course, on the source (see Angels of the Throne, below, and the Many-Eyed Ones.)

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Angels of the Thrones

The Angel of Being
It's here to act as the Divine's eyes. It can help you to touch the depth of your being, be as a co-creator of the universe and expand your personal sense of well-being.

The Angel of Power
It's here to transform the Divine's love into material form. It can help you to accept the power of the Divine, acknowledge your own power or transformation and accept the collective power of humanity.

The Angel of Glory
It's here to help us celebrate the glory of the Divine. It can help us to celebrate the simple joys of life, acknowledge all the goodness around us and make us truly grateful for all that we are.

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Raziel's Seven Angels of the Thrones

Gabriel - Fanuel (aka Penuel, Uriel, Feniel, Phanuel) - Michael - Uriel - Raphael - Israel - Uzziel or Usiel

The Fifteen Angels of Cabalistic Magick

Thronus - Tehom - Haseha - Amarzyom - Schawayt - Chuscha - Zawar - Yahel - Adoyahel - Schimuel
Achusaton - Schaddyl - Chamyel - Parymel - Chayo

Other Throne Angels

Adramalec - Ambriel - Anazimur - Asmadai - Barael - Bene Elohim - Chofniel - Erelim - Hahiniah
Hofniel - Iedidiel - Ofaniel - Opanniel YHVH - Ophanim - Orifiel - Rempha - Sidkiel - Teoael
Tychagara - Yael - Zabkiel - Zaphiel - Zaphkiel

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