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The Eight Cabalistic Seraphim

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The highest order of angels in the Pseudo-Dionysian and Jewish hierarchies. The title Seraphim is composed of SER, which means a higher being, and RAPHA, which means "he who heals." Therefore, a Seraph is a higher spirit who heals.

They are shining beings, perfect and incorruptible who surround God's throne and constantly sing the Holy Trisagion. Their light is so blinding that none of the members of the other choirs can look upon them. Should a human see one they would be instantaneously disintegrate.

The mission of the Seraphim is to control and direct the divine energies that flow from the throne of God and to inflame the human heart with love for its Creator. For that reason they are known as the angels of love (they are also the angels of light and of fire). Because they are the closest angels to the Divine Throne, and they eternally burn with love for the Creator, they are also known as the Burning Ones.

According to Enoch, there are only four Seraphim, each corresponding to the four winds of the world, in Rabbinic lore they are the hayyoth. Enoch describes them as having four afces adn six wings each and their ruling prince is either Seraphiel, Jehoel, Metatron, or Michael. Before his fall, it was Satan who ruled the order, some of them even joined him in his rebellion against Heaven.

Seraphim of Love

The Angel of The Miracle of Love
Her purpose is to bring miracles into our lives. She can help you open yourself to receiving the love you desire, cherish the love you have, and acknowledge the miracle of love from the Divine.

The Angel of The Essence of Love
Her purpose is to protect the essence of love. She can help you to realize that at your core you are love, experience love in all things, and share the essence of your being with others.

The Angel of Eternal Love
Her purpose is to reveal the Divine's eternal and unconditional love to all humans. She can help you to remember that love is forever, release the fear that love is limited, and open to the spirit that is the Source of this love.

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Other Seraphim

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The Eight Gnostic Seraphim

Jehuel who reigns over Seraphiel, Gabriel, Nuriel, Temmael, Shimsael - Hardaniel, and Sarmiel

The Eight Cabalistic Seraphim

Achaiah - Atuesel - Cehethel - Ebuhuel - Lehahel - Tabatlu - Ublisi - Vehuhiah

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