Sometimes called the Sarim

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The mission of the Pricnipalities is to guard and protect royalty, judges, presidents, governors, and other world leaders, granting them the insights and instincts necessary to rule with wisdom and justice. They also protect the nations, all world organizations, and all religious leaders. Because of their association with heads of state, the Pricipalities are often referred to as the Princes and, in his book Paradise Lost V, Milton calls them the Princedoms. In the Pseudo-Dionysian hierarchy they rank first in the third triad.

The chief rulers of this order are Requel, Anael, Cerviel, and Nisroc (who, according to Milton, is "of the principalities prime"). To those who follow the teachings of the Egyptian Hermes, their chief is Suroth.

Angels of the Order

Daniel - Gerviel - Haniel - Imamiah - Mehaiah - Nithael - Poiel - Vehuel - Zuriel

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