Their Cabalistic name is Chaioth ha Quaddosh

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According to Excerpts of Theodotus, the Powers were "the first of created angels." Their principal mission is to maintain order in Heaven and to keep the fallen angels from destroying the world. According to Pope Gregory, they preside over demons. And, St. Paul suggests that the various letters in the New Testament (the Epistles) imply that the Powers either are or could be evil.

Among the duties assigned to this order are the recording of human history and being present during the birth and death of all mortals. They also preside over all world religions, providing them with the celestial energy needed to carry on their work. The Powers communicate with man through intuition, dreams and premonitions that warn of impending danger. The divine has also given them permission to punish, forgive, and create, according to his will. Philo Judaeus ranks their duties, from most to least important, accordingly: divine logos (carrying out God's orders), creating, executing their sovereignty, granting forgiveness and mercy, enforcing divine law, and punishing those they find deserving.

The Powers help humans to resist temptation and to follow God's laws. They are also guides for lost souls and guard the path to the celestial realms. Other names that they are known by include the Authorities, Potentialities, Dynamis and Potentates. And in Milton's Paradise Lost, the Powers are an order of Heavenly guards. It is in the Septuagint that the term Dynamis is first used as a name for an order of angels. Those who fit the Greek's idea of the Lord's Hosts. Dionysius, who ranked the Powers as being third in the second triad of his celestial heirarchy, mistakenly equated them with the Seraphim. Eerosi, among the hermetics, Sammael, according to Fludd, and Camael have all been said to be the chief angel of the Powers, though it is Camael who is usually designated as such.

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The Powers of Peace

The Angel of Peace
A female angel who guides our souls to peace. She can help us to reconcile opposing forces in our lives, find solutions to conflicts and paradoxes, and teach us how to be at peace with ourselves.

The Angel of Serenity
A female angel who lets our souls be serene. She can help us to live our lives serenely, find solutions to conflicts, and find ultimate joy within ourselves.

The Angel of Harmony
A female angel who lets our souls rest in harmony. She can help us to live a harmonious life, seek out people and places that are harmonious, and help us to express our spirits in a harmonious way.

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Creator Angels

Adoil - Adonai - Anabona - Anael - Arkhas - Middoth

Ialdabaoth's Twelve

Abel - Abiressia - Achamoth - Adonai - Adonaios - Astanphaeus - Athoth - Eloi - Iao - Iobel - Melkharadonin - Sabaoth

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Other Angels
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Adiririon - Agad - Astrompsuchos

Camael - Cassiel - Chamuel

Dai - Damabiath

Eloha - Erotosi - Esabiel

Gaap - Geno




Melech - Menadel

Ofiel - Ophiel

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Raphael - Rehael - Richol

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Teiazel - Thamy



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