What's in a Name?
Look below to search for angels by the meanings of their names.
There are duplicates because some meanings apply to more than one name.

The name meanings are alphabetized by the first letter in the descriptive phrase or word. "A" and "The" are counted as the first words, instead of being moved to the end after a comma as in traditional alphabetizing practices.

The Letter A
*A Looking Out
*An ewe
*An Opener of Doors
*Angel of The Bottomless Pit
*Angel of God
*Angel of Mysteries
*Appointed One *Arm of God
The Letter B
*Bearer of Light
*Bearer of Fire
*Branch of God
*Branch of God
*Brilliant Ones
*Brother of God
The Letter C
*Chief of Hosts
*Child of Chaos
*Concealment of God
*Contemplation of God
*Covering of God
*Created of God
*Creation of Life
*Creature of Judgment
The Letter D
*Deserter from God
*Divine Beauty
*Divine Splendor
*Dwarf Avatar
The Letter E
The Letter F
*Faith and Wisdom
*Father Devoid of Counsel
*Fierce Lion
*Fire of God
*Fire of God
*Free Will
*Free Will
*Friend of God
*Friend of God
*Fullness of God
*Fullness of God
The Letter G
*Giver of Living Water
*God Adds
*God Has Healed
*God is My Light
*God Nourishes
*God Strengthens
*God's Command
*Godís Compassion
*God's King
*God's Knowledge
*God's Righteousness
*God's Side
*Good Thought
*Grace of God
*Great Hero
*Great King
The Letter H
*Hand of God
*He Who Hides God
*He Who Loves Not The Light
*Heard of God
*Heart of God
*Heart of God
*Help of Faith
*Herald of God
The Letter I
*I Bless the Dead
*I Have Asked God
The Letter J
*Jehovah Remembers
*Judge of God
The Letter K
*Keeper of Hell
*King Death
*King of Fire
*King of The Wicked
The Letter L
*Lamp of God
*Le Grand
*Light of Day
*Light of God
*Light of God
*Lion of God
*Lord of Hosts
The Letter M
*Magnificence of God
*Men of Name
*Mercy of God
*Mighty Camp
*Mighty Sun of God
*Minister of Death
*Morning Star
*Mountain Goat
*My Kingdom is God
*My Great Help is God
*My help is God
*My lord is God
The Letter N
*Name of God
*Neck of God
The Letter O
*Out of The Mouth of God
The Letter P
*People of God
*Piercing God
*Power of God
*Power of Mercy
*Prince of the Face
*Prince of the Primodial Sea
*Prince of the Sea
*Prince of the World
*Problem or Trouble
*Prophet amd Proclaimer
The Letter R
*Remembrance of God
*Request of God
*Righteousness of God
*Righteousness of God
*Rock of God
The Letter S
*Searcher of Secrets
*Secret of God
*Servant of God
*Son of The Morning
*Strength of God
*Strength of God
*Strength of God
*Sun of the Faith
The Letter T
*Tender Age
*That Which Gathers Itself Together in Folds
*The Appointed One
*The Constrainer
*The Destroyer
*The Escaped
*The Face of God
*The Flaming One
*The Flames
*The Great Lord
*The Giver of Light
*The God Zelek Is My King
*The Godhead
*The Great Eagle
*The Holy One
*The Inside
*The Irrigator
*The Lord or God
*The Medicine of God
*The Obedient
*The Shining One Who Heals
*The Strong
*The Substitutes
*The Word or Reason
*This One Sets Free
*Tinkling Sound
*To Reside
*To Run
*True and Faithful
*Two-Faced or Hypocritical
The Letter U
The Letter V
*Valley of God
*Victory and Firmness
*Vow of God
*Vow of God
The Letter W
*Who Causes to Dwell
*Who is as God
*Who is Like God
*Who Stirs Up the Fire of God
*Whom God Delivers
*Whom God Sets Up
*Whom God Helps
*Whom God Helps
*Whom God Made *Wisdom of God
*Worshipful Ones
*Wrath of God
*Wrath of God
The Letter Y
If you find any meanings y, please let me know.
The Letter Z
Zo far, no meanings begin vis ze letter z.

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