Dominations, Lords, and Lordships
Also known as the Dominations and Bashmallin.
Their Cabalistic name is Hasmalim, Hashmallim, or Chasmalim

Dominions of Mercy - Angelic Lords - Other Dominions

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The name Dominions is derived from St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians. These angels are also known as the Lords and it is through them that God's majesty is revealed. Their job is to assign duties and missions to the angels of the lower spheres and to maintain the cosmic order. They also serve as channels of mercy.

As Dominations, they are the fourth highest ranking of the Dionysian celestial hierarchy. According to which their job is to regulate the duties of other angels. Dionysius also says that their ultimate goal is to achieve true lordship. Their emblems of authority are sceptres and orbs and the chief of the order is Pi-Zues.

The Hasmallim, a.k.a. the hayyot or living creatures, who are the equivalent of the Dominions are of a rank comparable to that of the Cherubim and the Seraphim. They have two chiefs the first of which is also Hashmal, for whom the order is named. The other is Zadkiel also known as Zacharel.

According to the cabala, the Hashmallim are of "the yetziratic world, the world of the foundation, the abode of the angels presided over by the angel Metatron. It is said in the Bereshith Rabba that the river Dinur ("fiery river") was created from the sweat of the animals who carry the Merkabah, the Hashmallim.

Dominions of Mercy

The Angel of Reconciliation
To reconcile us to the light. She can help us to release painful traumas that distort our view of life, bring us more fully into the present flow of life, and help us to open our hearts to life's goodness.

The Angel of Mercy
To bring mercy into our lives. She can help us to understand God's love for mankind, make us conscious that we are protected and guided, and contemplate gratitude for the blessings in our lives.

The Angel of Forgiveness
To help us forgive and release the past. She can help us to honor and empower ourselves when we forgive others, live in the present when we forgive the past and create space for intimacy to thrive when we forgive others.

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Angelic Lords

Lord of Hosts
Sabaoth, Akatriel, and God. The Rabbi Ismael ben Elisha said of a visit he had made to Heaven, "I once entered into the innermost part to offer incense, and saw Akathriel Jah, the Lord of Hosts, seated upon a high and exalted throne."

Lord of Lightning - See Angel of Lightning.

Lords of Shouting a.k.a. Masters of Howling
A group of 1,550 myriads of angels who all sing "glory to the Lord." Their leader is Jeduthun and it is said that everyday, at dawn, "judgment is lightened and the world is blessed" because their singing.

Lord Zebaot
The Lord of Hosts of Jewish legend and the name that God used when he fought against the sinners.

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Other Dominions

Adeo - Aha - Bashmallin - Chamuel - Haaiah - Hashmal - Hashul - Hayyoth - Hoesediel - Ierathel - Kyriotates - Lecahel - Muriel - Nectaire - Nilaihah - Omael - Pi-Zues - Raphael - Reliel - Sadkiel - Seehiah - Terathel - Vasariah - Zacharael - Zadkiel

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