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Semiphoras, as stated in the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses are seven of the holy names of God and they are said to confer great powers upon those who utter them. The book give two versions of these names: Adam's and Moses'.

Shemhamphorae (Names of God)

Adam's Semiphora
By the power of the seven Semiphoras he could create and destroy all that he desired:

First: Jove (love), pronounced in moments of dire need, to ask for God's help in solving a serious problem. The name must be pronounced only in the greatest need, and then only with the most devout feelings toward the Creator if you wish to obtain grace and sure help.

Second: Adam spoke with angels, and which gave him the expression Yeseraye, which means "God without beginning or end," and is used to invoke the angels to grant any request. Pronouncing the name while speaking with angels will cause them to answer your questions and fulfill your wishes.

Third: Adam spoke with the spirits of the departed, and asked them questions. They gave him satisfactory answers when he spoke the word Adonai Tzabaoth cadas adonay amara, that invoked the power of the four winds and summoned the souls of the dead. Speak these words when you want to collect winds, spirits, or demons: Aly, Adoy, Sabaoth, amara.
Fourth: Layamen Iava Firi Lavagellayn Lavaqiri Lavagola Lavatsorin Layfialafin Lyafaran, spoken to both bind and unbind animals and spirits to do one's bidding.

Fifth: Layachm Lyalgema Lyafarau Layalfaah Lebara Lebarosin Layararalus, used for control over all harvests and earthly vegetation; used to bind equals, such as trees and seeds, to serving you.

Sixth: Letamnin Letya Logo Letasynin Levagananitin Letraminin Letalogin Lotafalosin, is great in might and virtue and is used to invoke control over the four elements to stop them from threatening the life or property of an individual. Very useful in cases of fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Also useful for simply summoning the winds to fulfill your desires.

Seventh: is also great and mighty - and long. It is several names of the Creator, that must be pronounced in the beginning of each under­taking: Eliaon yoena adonay cadas ebreel, eloy ela agiel, ayoni, Sachado, essuselas eloym, delion iau elynla, delia yazi Zazael, paliel man, umiel onela dilatan saday alma paneim alym, canal dens Usami yaras calipix calfas sasna saffa saday aglata panteomel auriel arion phaneton secare panerion ys emanuel Joth Jalaph amphia, than demisrael mu all le Leazyns ala phonar aglacyel qyol paeriteron theferoym, barimel, Jael haryon ya apiolell echet. Use these names in reverence toward God in order to request his help in accomplishing something through the elements or of an elemental nature, and your wish will be fulfilled.

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Moses' Semiphoras
The following are the names of Semiphoras that God gave to Moses in seven parts:

The first: when Moses concealed himself and spoke with God and when the fire burned in the forest without consuming it.
The second: while Moses spoke with the Creator on the mountain.
The third: when Moses parted the Red Sea and passed through with the all of the people of Israel, etc.
The fourth: when Moses' staff was turned into a serpent that devoured the other serpents.
The fifth: the names that were written on the forehead of Aaron.
The sixth: when Moses made a brazen serpent and burned the golden calf to divert pestilence from the Israelites.
The seventh: when manna fell in the wilderness and when water gushed from the rock.

In the first are the words that Moses spoke when he went on the mountain and spoke to the flames of fire: Maya, Affaby, Zien, Jaramye, yne Latebni damaa yrsano, noy lyloo Lhay yly yre Eylvi Zya Lyelee, Loate, lideloy eyloy, mecha ramethy rybifassa fu aziry scihiu rite Zelohabe vete hebe ede neyo ramy rahabe (conoc anuhec). If you pray this word to God devoutly, your prayer will be granted without a doubt.

In the second are the words that God said to Moses when he went on the mountain: Abtan, Abynistan, Zoratan Juran nondieras, potarte faijs alapeina pognij podaij sacroficium. In these words the prophet spoke to the angels with whom the four quarters of the earth are sealed, through which the temple was founded Bosale. If you wish to pronounce these you should fast for three days, be chaste and pure, and then you can use this name to perform many wonders.

In the third are the words that Moses spoke to part the Red Sea: Oua claiie saijec holomomaatl; bekahn aijclo inare asnia haene hieha ijfale malieha arnija aremeholona queleij. Lineno feijano, ijoije malac habona nethee hijcere. If you have lost favor with your god, or if you wish to gain some one's goodwill, speak these words with fervor and humility.

In the fourth are the words that Moses said when he changed his staff into a serpent: Micrato, raepijsathonich petanith pistan ijttn ijer hijgarin ijgnition temayron aijcon dunsnas castes Lacias astas ijecon cijna caihera natu facas. Pronounce these names when you want to have your desires fulfilled.

In the fifth are the names written on the forehead of Aaron while Moses spoke with God: Sadaij haijlves Lucas elacijus jaconi hasihaia ijein ino, sep, actitas barne lud doncnij eija iehhu reu, vaha, vialia, eije. Vie haija hoij asaija salna hahai, cuci ijaija. Elenehel, na vena, setna. The names are powerful when used for fulfilling requests.

In the sixth are the names that were written on the staff of Moses when he created the brazen serpent and broke the golden calf: Tane mare syam, abijl ala, nuno, hija actenal tijogas ijano, eloim ija nehn ijane haij ijanehn, ahijaco mea. With this name you can destroy all sorcery and evil, so long as you don't pronounce it with levity in your workings.

In the seventh are the words that Moses said to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, with which he brought manna from heaven, and that caused the water to flow from the rock: Sadaij amara elon pheneton eloij eneij ebeoel messias ijahe vehu hejiane, ijanancl elijon. Pronounce these words when you want to do something wonderful, or when you are in great need, by using them to earnestly call on God.

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