In Akkadian they are called Kerubim.
Their Cabalistic name is also Cherubim
The Hebrews have dubbed them Ophanim and Auphanim.

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The name Cherubim is derived from the Assyrian or Akkadian word karibu and means "one who prays" or "one who intercedes." Their name, in Arabic, Al-karubiyan, means "those who area closer to Allah." Dionysius erroneously claims that the word means knowledge. And, in early Muslim lore it is said that they were created "from the tears that Michael shed over the sins of the faithful."

They are winged creatures with the face of a man or lion and the body of a sphinx, an eagle, or a bull. They are usually placed at the entrances to temples and palaces as guardian spirits. In the Old Testament (Genesis3:22) they guard both the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden with flaming swords. It is from this tale that they become known as the "flame of whirling swords."

According to the Canaanites, the cherubim aren't angels at all. Instead they are "some horrible visions of Beasts, which might terrifie Adam from the entrance of paradies." It was later in history that they became the heavenly spirits that we know them as today - a symbol of "God's highest and chiefest potencies, sovereignty, and goodness."

In rabbinic and occult lore, the job of the Cherubim is to direct the course of the Merkabah (God's holy carriage) and to hold the divine throne aloft. They are the personification of the winds and wisdom and from them flows the subtle essence of knowledge which they receive directly from God. In fact, as angels of light, glory, and keepers of the celestial record, the cherubim excel in knowledge.

In Revelation (4:8) the cherubim are said to be the "living creatures" who unceasingly praise their Maker. It is also here that St. John says that they are "full of eyes within" and have six wings. In the Exposition of the Orthodox Faith by John of Damascus, they are also said to have many eyse. In other sources they are known as the the Winged Creatures, and the Holy, Divine Beasts. The Talmud equates them with the ophanim (wheels or chariots) and says that they live in either the Sixth or Seventh Heaven. The Chreubim rank second in the Dionysian nine choir hierarchy and are said to be guardians of the constellations.

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Cherubim of Wisdom

The Angel of Wisdom - His function is to bring wisdom into the lives of all. He can help you to become receptive to the wisdom of the Divine, find wisdom in your life and seek wisdom
in all of your experiences.

The Angel of Discernment - His function is to offer discernment to all who walk the path of Light. He can help you to know your right path, choose what is really good for you, and know what will serve your highest good and greatest joy.

The Angel of Knowing - His function is to give humankind the gift of deepest knowing. He can help you to know your truth, anchor your awareness in your deepest knowing, and remind you that you always know what is right for you.

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Cherubim Chiefs

According to the majority of occult writings, the chief rulers of the Cherubim include Ophaniel, Rikbiel, Cherubiel, Raphael, Gabriel, Zophiel and before his fall, Satan, who was actually the "supreme angel in the choir of the cherubim" at one time.

Flame of the Whirling Swords

A title for the cherubim who guard the gates of the Garden of Eden.

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Other Cherubim

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