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S the Sabbath Sagittarius Salvation Sanctification the Sanctuary Saturday Saturn Scandal Science Scorpio the Sea the Seal the Seasons the Second Heaven September Service the Seven Days the Seven Heavens the Seven Last Plagues Showers Silence the Sirocco the Sixth Heaven the Sky Sleep Small Birds Snow Solitudes Song Sorceries the Sorrows of Death the Souls of Men the South the Southwest Spheres Spring the Star of Love the Stars Sterility the Stillness of Death Storms Strength Summer the Summer Equinox the Sun Sunset Sunday the Sun's Rays the Supreme Mysteries Sweet-Smelling Herbs the Sword

the Sabbath - Sabbath.

Sagittarius - Ayil and Sizajasel, according to Rabbi Chomer, as quoted by Eliphas Levi, Vhnori and Saritaiel, and in Heywood's The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels, Adnachiel.

Salvation - Haurvatat and Uriel.

Sanctification - Phanuel, Suriel, Metatron, Michael, and Zagzagel. Also see Angels of Glory and Angels of the Presence.

the Sanctuary - Sar ha-Kodesh, Michael, Metatron, and Yefefiah.

Saturday - Cassiel, Machatan, Uriel, and Orifiel.

Saturn - Click here.

Scandal - Zahun.

Science - Raphael.

Scorpio - Sosol, Riehol, and Saissaiel.

the Sea - Rahab.

the Seal - Adhaijijon.

the Seasons - Farlas (Winter), Telvi (Spring), Casmaran (Summer), and Andarcel (Autumn). According to medieval Hebrew lore: Malkiel, Helemmelek, Melejal, and Narel.

the Second Heaven - Click here.

September - Uriel or Zuriel, and Mihr.

Service - unnamed angels who, according to Rabbi Akiba, are "the fowl of heaven." In The Zohar they are said to have wings.

the Seven Days - Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday), Samael (Tuesday), Raphael (Wednesday), Sachiel (Thursday), Anael (Friday), and Cassiel (Saturday). Also see Cabalistic Correspondences.

the Seven Heavens - Gabriel (the First Heaven), Raphael, Zachariel, Galizur (the Second Heaven), Jabniel, Rabacyel, Dalquiel (the Third Heaven), Michael (the Fourth Heaven), Samael Gadriel (the Fifth Heaven), Zachiel, Zebul, Sandalphon, Sabath (the Sixth Heaven), Cassiel (the Seventh Heaven. Click here for more information about the Seven Heavens.

the Seven Last Plagues - seven unnamed angels of Revelation 15-17 "to whom are given seven golden vials full of the wrath of God."

Showers - Zaafiel.

Silence - Shateiel and Duma.

Sorocco - Sikiel.

the Sixth Heaven - Click here.

the Sky - Sahaqiel.

Sleep - the unnamed angel who kept King Ahasuerus from sleeping in the story of Esther.

Small Birds - Tubiel.

Snow - Shalgiel, Michael, and unnamed angels in the apocryphal Revelation of John.

Solitudes - Cassiel.

Song - Radueriel, who is also one of the choirmasters to the Muses. In the Koran, Israfel and Uriel. In rabbinic lore, Shemiel and Metatron, the "Master of Heavenly Song."

Sorceries - unnamed angels that the wizard Aod of the priests of Midian used to make the sun shine at night. Those angels who teach the secret arts to mankind, so called fallen angels also fit this category.

the Sorrows of Death - Paraqlitos.

the Souls of Men - Remiel.

the South - Kerkoutha, Cedar, and Raphael.

the Southwest - Naoutha.

the Spheres - Salatheel and Jehudiel.

Spring - Milkiel, Amatiel, Caracasa, Core, Commissoros, and Spligliguel.

the Star of Love - Anael.

the Stars - Kakabel, Kohabiel, Kochabiel, and Kokbiel.

Sterility - Akriel.

the Stillness of Death - Duma.

Storms - Zakkiel and Zaamael.

Strength - Zeruch.

Summer - Gargatel, Gaviel, Tariel, and Tubiel.

the Summer Equinox - Oranir.

the Sun - Chur, Arithiel, Galgaliel, Gazardia, Korshid, Michael, Och, Raphael, Uriel, and Zerachiel, among others.

Sunset - Aftiel.

Sunday - Click here.

the Sun's Rays - Schachlil.

the Supreme Mysteries - Raziel.

Sweet-Smelling Herbs - Arias.

the Sword - Soqued Hozi, among others.

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T Tame Beasts Tartarus (Hades) Taurus Tears Terror Testament the Third Heaven the Throne Thunder Thursday Time Tishri (September-October) the Torah (the Law) Torment Treasures Treasures of the Dead Trees Trembling Triplicities the Triune God Truth Tuesday Twilight

Tame Beasts - Behemiel.

Tartarus (Hades) - Uriel, who also reigns over the Tartaruchi.

Taurus - in ceremonial magic, Tual, otherwise Asmodel. According to Rabbi Chomer, as quoted by Eliphas Levi, the angels of Taurus are Bagdal and Araziel.

Tears - Cassiel and Sandalphon. According to Islamic lore this angel resides in the Fourth Heaven.

Terror - in Jewish mysticism, Pahadron, ruler of Tishri. Also see Angels of Quaking.

Testament - John the Baptist.

the Third Heaven - Click here.

the Throne - in Hebrew, the order of the Thrones is called arelim and ophanim. In The Book of the Angels Raziel it reads, "there were seven who stand before the throne," however, according to a Jewish legend, there are seventy such angels.

Thunder - Ra'amiel and Uriel, who is also an angel of fire and lightning. In Assyro-Babylonian lore, the gods of thunder are Adad and Rimmon.

Thursday - Sachiel, Castiel, Assasiel, and Zachariel. Also see Cabalistic Correspondences.

Time - the angel who appears on card fourteen in a deck of Tarot cards. In the hermetic hierarchy, the Angel of Time is Rempha.

Tishri (September-October) - Pahadron.

the Torah (the Law) - Yefefiah, Iofiel, Zagzagel, and Metatron.

Torment - Aftemelouchos.

Treasures - Parasiel.

the Treasures of the Dead - Remiel and Jeremiel.

Trees - Maktiel.

Trembling - Pahadron, the Angel of Terror and of Quaking.

the Triune God - Meacheul, Lebatiel, and Ketuel.

Truth - Amitiel, Michael and Gabriel. In Jewish lore the Angel of Truth is an unnamed entity who opposed God's idea to create man. For his audacity he, along with the Peace and all of the angels who served the two of them, were burned.

Tuesday - Samael, Satael, Amabiel, Friagne, Carmax, Arragon, and Hyniel.

Twilight - Aftiel.

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V Vegetables Vengeance Venus, the planet Victory Vindication Virgo Virtues, the order of

Vegetables - Sealiah and Sofiel, who are also the Angels of Fruit.

Vengeance - there are twelve of these angels, all of whom were among the first to be created at the time of Creation, even though Catholic doctrine states that all angels were created at the same time. Only six of their names are known: Satanel, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Zathael. However, according to Jewish lore, the Angels of Vengeance are also the Angels of the Divine Presence, and all twelve of their names are known.

Venus, the planet - Click here.

Vindication - Duma, who is also the Angel of Silence and of the Stillness of Death.

Virgo - Voel, Iadara, and Schaltiel.

Virtues, the order of - Click here.

Voyages - Susabo.

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W War Water (the waters of earth) the Waters Water Insects Weakness Wednesday West the Wheel of the Moon the Wheel of the Sun the Whirlwind Wild Beasts Wild Fowl and Creeping Things Wilderness the Wind Winter Wisdom the Womb Women's Paradise the World the World's End Wrath the Wrath of God

War - Michael, Gabriel, Phleg, and Gadriel.

Water (the waters of earth) - Tharsis, Arariel, Talliud, Phul, Michael, Anafiel, and Harudha.

the Waters - Phul and an unnamed angel of Revelation 16:5.

Water Insects - Shakziel.

Weakness - Amaliel, who is also an Angel of Punishment.

Wednesday - Raphael, Miel and Seraphile. Also see Cabalistic Correspondences.

the West - Gabriel.

the Wheel of the Moon - Ofaniel, among others.

the Wheel of the Sun - Galgaliel.

the Whirlwind - Ra'shiel and Zavael.

Wild Beasts - Mtniel and Hayyel.

Wild Fowl and Creeping Things - Trgiaob.

the Wilderness - Orifiel and, according to Eliphas Levi in Transcendental Magic, the planet Saturn.

the Wind - in occult writings: Moriel, Ruhiel, Rujiel, Ben Nez, and the Ephemerae. There are also unnamed Angels of the Wind mentioned in both Revelation 7:1 and Longfellow's poem, "Sandalphon."

Winter - Amabael, Cetarari, and Attaris.

Wisdom - Zagzagel, Metatron as Sasnigiel, Dina as Yofiel.

the Womb - Armisael.

Women's Paradise - there were originally three of these angels, unnamed and female, who were either the mothers, daughters, or wives of Jewish patriarchs. They resided in a place seperate from the men in one of the Heavens. Philo "allegorises away the wives of the Jewish patriarchs into the several Virtues."

the World - also called the Prince of the World, Satan, Michael, Metatron, Jehoel, Mammon, and Sar ha-Olam.

the World's End - Click here.

Wrath - Hemah, Af, Mzpopiasaiel, Kezef, and Ezrael.

the Wrath of God - there are seven unnamed Angels of the Wrath of God mentioned in Revelation.

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Y Yahweh Yetzirah

Yahweh - a name given to God himself by those who transcribed the Old Testament because, according to them, there were "too many direct interventions of God in human affairs." By using "Angel of Yahweh" or "Angel of the Lord" they were able to reduce His earthly appearances and increase the number of times that angelic intermediaries were used to carry out His commands.

Yetzirah - Samael or Satan.

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Z the Zodiac

the Zodiac:
Masleh (over all)
Malahidael (over Aries)
Asmodel (over Taurus)
Ambriel (over Gemini)
Manuel or Muriel (over Cancer)
Verchiel (over Leo)
Hamaliel (over Virgo)
Zuriel (over Libra)
Barchiel (over Scorpio)
Advachiel or Adnachiel (over Sagittarius)
Hamael (over Capricorn)
Cambiel (over Aquarius)
Barchiel (over Pisces)

In addition to Cornelius Agrippa's angels:
Acrabiel, Betuliel, Chesetiel, Dagymiel, Daliel, Geminiel, Masniel, Sartamiel, Teletiel and Tomimiel.

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