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M Mankind the Mansions of the Moon March the Marriage of Contraries Mars, the planet May Media Memory Mercury, the planet Mercy Meteors Might Mighty Counsel Migration Mohammed Monday Mons (legendary) the Months of the Year the Moon Morals Mountains the Muses Music the Mutations of the Moon Mysteries

Mankind - Metatron.

the Mansions of the Moon - Click here.

March - Malchidiel and Melkejal, among others. In ancient Persian lore, Favardin.

the Marriage of Contraries - Camaysar.

Mars, the planet - Uriel, Samael, Gabriel and Chamael (or Camuel, according to Camfield in A Theological Discourse of Angels).

May - Ambriel, Khurdad (in Persian lore), and Afsi-Khof.

Media - an unnamed tutelary angel who ruled the ancient land of Media. He eventually "became corrupted through national bias" and is now one of the fallen angels.

Memory - angels who are summoned during Mosaic incantations and occult rites, they include Zachriel, Zadkiel, and Mupiel.

Mercury, the planet - in gnosticism, Tiriel, Raphael, Hasdiel, Michael, Barkiel, and Zadkiel. In cabalism, Bne Seraphim.

Mercy - Rhamiel, Rachmiel, Gabriel, Michael, Zehanpuryu, Uzziel, and Zadkiel. St. Francis of Assisi has also been called an angel of mercy and is depicted, with wings, in The Douce Apocalypse. He is said to have been transformed into the Rhamiel upon his ascension to Heaven.

Meteors - see Angel of Comets.

Might - unnamed angels whose names, according to the pagan text Adversus Nationes I by Arnobius, were stolen from the shrines of the Egyptians by Christ.

Mighty Counsel - the Septuagint version of the passage in Isaiah 9:6 that Christain apogists interpre to be one of the prophecies of the advent of Christ and one of His many forms.

Migration - Nadiel.

Mohammed - an angel that Mohammed saw when he was transported to Heaven that had "70,000 heads, each head having 70,000 faces, each face 70,000 mouths, each mouth 70,000 tongues, each tongue speaking 70,000 languages, and all employed in singing God's praises."

Monday - Gabriel, Arcan, Bilet, Missabu, and Abuzaha, among others.

Mons (legendary) - the angels of Mons are phantom horsemen who, according to Machen in The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War, appeared at the battle of Mons to assist the English.

the Months of the Year - Gabriel (January), Barchiel (February), Malchidiel (March), Asmodel (April), Ambriel (May), Muriel (June), Verchiel (July), Hamaliel (August), Uriel (September), Barbiel (October), Adnachiel (November), and Anael (December). In Persian lore, in the same order, Bahman, Isfandarmand, Favardin, Ardibehist, Khurdad, Tir, Murdad, Shahrivar, Mihr, Aban, Azar, and Dai. For the cabalistic angels of the months click here.

Moon - Click here.

Morals - Mehabiah.

Mountains -Rampel.

the Muses - Uriel, Israfel, Radueriel, and Vretil. Collectively, the nine Etruscan Gods, the Novensiles, constitute the Muses, according to Arnobius in Adversus Nationes III.

Music - Israfel.

the Mutations of the Moon - Mah.

Mysteries - Raziel, Gabriel and Zizuph.

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N Night Noonday Winds the Norht North Star North Wind Nourishment November

Night - Leliel, Metatron, and Lailah.

the North - Oertha, Alfatha, Uriel, and Chairoum.

North Star - Abathur, Arhum Hii, Muzania, and four of the uthri (angels) in Mandaean lore.

North Wind - Chairoum.

Nourishment - Isda. Also see Angel of Food.

November - Adnachiel and, in ancient Persian lore, Azar.

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O Obedience October the Odd (fictional) Omnipotence Oracles Orer Orion

Obedience - Sraosha.

Oblivion - Purah (a.k.a. the Angel of Forgetfulness.

October - Aban and Barbiel.

the Odd (fictional) - a wingless angel who speaks Dutch-English and is like an automaton, who "presides over the contretemps of mankind" in Edgar Allen Poe's short story of the same name. According to the story, his job is to "bring about the odd accidents which are continually astonishing the sceptic."

Omnipotence - a group of eight angels, there names are: Atuesuel, Ebuhuel, Elubatel, Tablatlu, Bualu, Tulatu, Labusi, and Ublisi. During the Citation of Liviathan Atuesuel, Ebuhuel and Elubatel are invoked to force demons to appear and carry out the wishes of the invocant.

Oracles - Phaldor.

Order - Sadriel.

Orion - an unnamed angel of the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba who is counted among the "splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs" that pass before God to celebrate the First Sabbath.

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P Paradise Patience Peace Penance the Pentateuch Persia Perversion Pisces the Plagues the Planets Plants the Pleiades Poetry the order of Powers Praise Prayer Precipices Pregnancy the Presence Pride Priesthoods and Sacrifices the order of Principalities Proclamation Progress Prosperity Prostitution Protection Punishment Purity

Paradise - both on earth and in Heaven: Shamshiel, Michael, Zephon, Zotiel, Johiel, and Gabriel, among others. In Mandaean lore, Rusvon and in ancient Persian lore, Sirushi (a.k.a. Sirush Ashu and Ashu).

Patience - Achaiah.

Peace - an unnamed angel who, according to Jewish legend, opposed the creation of man. He, along with those under him, was burned by God for his indescretion. The Angel of Truth and his charges suffered the same fate, and for the same reason. Later on, however, they were all brought back to life. According to Enoch, it was the angel of peace that gave him the tour of Heaven and told him the names of the four archangels of the presence - Michael, Garbiel, Raphael, and Phanuel - and what their duties are. They were originally seven angels of peace and, also according to tradition, the "angels of peace visit every Jewish home when the holy Sabbath is being ushered in." In gnostic lore, the prince of peace is Melchisedec.

Penance - Phanuel.

Pentateuch - Click here.

Persecution - a personal devil who, according to Roman Catholic doctrine, resides within each of us, along side our guardian angel.

Persia - Dubbiel.

Perversion - an angel who "every man has close by him," along with "an angel of holiness or sanctity," according to a second-century C.E. apocryphon, the Shepherd of Hermas.

Pisces - in ceremonial magic, Pasiel, also Rasamasa and Vocabiel.

the Plagues - an unnamed angel who appears over Jerusalem brandishing a sword to punish the Jews, especially King David, for instituting a census (the numbering of people apparently being an offense to God). The angel was appeased by David burning sacrifices on the threshing-floor of Araunah. For more on this story, read I Chronicles @ of the Bible.

Plants - Sachluph.

the Pleiades - an unnamed angel of the Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba who is mentioned as one of the "splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs" who pass before God to celebrate the First Sabbath.

Peotry - Uriel, Israfel, Radueriel, and Phoenix.

the order of the Powers - Click here.

Praise - an unnamed angel of Ginzberg's The Legends of the Jews I, where it says "the third creation of the second day [of Creation] were the angel hosts, both the ministering angels and the angels of praise." Specifically, the angels of praise constitute the orders of the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones.

Prayer - there are six such angels found in occult writings: Akatriel, Gabriel, Metatron, Raphael, Sandalphon, and Sizouse. However, according to Manson's A Companion to the Bible, there are "seven archangels who convey the prayers of the saints to God.," therefore Michael could also be included among the six mentioned above.

Precipices - Zarobi.

Pregnancy - Sinui and Sinsuni, who are invoked to help women during labor, and an unnamed angel of Jewish legend who insures that all newborns resemble their fathers. The reason for this unnamed beings assistance is to protect the mother from having to incur charges of adultry should the baby be born with no resemblance to the male parent.

the Presence - there are twelve such angels, a.k.a. Angels of the Face. they are: Michael, Metatron, Suriel, Sandalphon, Astanphaeus, Saraqael, Phanuel, Jehoel, Zagzagel, Uriel, Yefefiah, and Akatriel. According to The Zohar, these angels were expelled from Heaven for revealing the "mystery," a.k.a. God's purpose. In Rabbinic tradition the Angels of the Presence number seventy and they serve as teachers to mankind. And, according to Eliphas Levi, these angels reside in the Sixth Heaven. See also Angels of Glory and Angels of Sanctification.

Pride - Rahab and Satan.

Priesthoods and Sacrifices - Sachiel-Melek.

Principalities - Click here.

Proclamation - Gabriel, Akatriel.

Progress - Mercury and Raphael.

Prosperity - Anauel.

Prostitution - Eisheth Zenunim, Lilith, Naamah, and Agrat bat Mahlat, all of whom mated with Samael at one time or another.

Protection - Ambriel.

Punishment - the seven Angels of Punishment, according to the Maseket Gan Eden and Gehinnom, are: Kushiel, Lahatiel, Shoftiel, Makatiel, Hutriel, Pusiel, and Rogziel. Amaliel is also an Angel of Punishment. In Gnosticism Ariel is named by Pistis Sophia as the angel who is in charge of the punishments in Hell and Asmodel, as the demon of punishment. And, according to Enoch and Eliphas Levi, these angels reside in the Third Heaven, and are known as the Grigori (according to Enoch, Hell is in the north of the Third Heaven). Accoring to Psalm 7, the five Angels of Punishment that Moses met while in Heaven are: Af, Kezef, Hemah, Hasmed, and Mahsit. Another source names Harbonah as an Angel of Punishment.

Purity - Tahariel.

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Q Quaking

Quaking - angels that Moses saw surrounding the throne of glory during his forty day visit to Heaven. They are the strongest angels in Heaven.

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R Rage Rain Rarified Air Repentance Resurrection Revelation the Right Righteousness the Rising Sun the River Jordan Rivers the Rocks Rome Running Streams

Rage - N'mosnikttiel.

Rain - the five Angels of Rain in Rabbinic lore are: Matriel, Matarel, Matariel, Riddia, and Zalbesael. In ancient Persian lore it is Dara.

Rarified Air - Ram Khastra and Ayar Ziva.

Repentance - Shepherd, Michael, Raphael, Suriel, Salathiel, and Phanuel.

Resurrection - an unnamed angel, often referred to as the Angel of the Lord, who rolled away the stone that blocked the entrance to Jesus' tomb.

Revelation - Gabriel.

the Right - Gnostic angels who had prior knowledge of Christ's birth.

Righteousness - Michael. The Angel of Righteousness in The Shepherd of Hermas is unnamed and described as being "mild, modest, gentle and quiet." He is also said to be one of two angels who are constantly with mankind, the other is the Angel of Iniquity.

the Rising Sun - Michael, Gauriil, Ishliha, and Gazardiel.

the River Jordan - Nidbai and Silmai.

Rivers - Trsiel and, in Persian lore, Dara.

the Rocks - Adjuchas.

Rome - Samael, a.k.a. Satan in post-Biblical lore. Rome used to be called Edom.

Running Streams - Nahaliel.

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