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E Earth Earthquakes East (the Rising Sun) Edom Egypt the Embryo Esau Evil Evil Deeds

Earth - there are seven angels of the earth: Azriel, Admael, Arkiel, Arciciah, Ariel, Aragael or Harabael, Saragael, and Yabbashael. Some sources also mention Haldiel, Tebliel, Phorlakh, Raguel, and Samuil. In Zoroastrianism the angel of earth is Isphan Darmaz.

Earthquakes - Sui'el and Rashiel.

East (the Rising Sun) - The four angels of the east are Michael, Gauriil, Ishliha, and Gazardiel.

Edom - Edom is another name for Rome whose angel is Satan, who boasted, "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High." To which God replied, "Though thou mount on high as the eagle, and though thy nest be set among the stars, I will bring thee down from thence." Jacob saw him upon the ladder between earth and Heaven in his dream.

Egypt - Mastema, Rahab, Duma, Uzza, and Samael. Some rabbinical texts say that the angel of Egypt is Abezi-thibod.

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the Embryo - Sandalphon.

Esau - Samael.

Evil - The angels of evil are Satan, Malach Ra, Mastema, Bernael, Beliar, and Ahriman, among others.

Evil Deeds - an unnamed angel who serves God as a Recording Angel, according to Longfellow in The Golden Legend.

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F the Face (or the Presence) Fall (Autumn) Fascination Fasts Fate Fear February Fertility the Fiery Furnace the Fifth Heaven Fire the Firmament the First Heaven Fish Flame the Flaming Sword Food the Footstool Force Forests Forgetting and Forgetfulness (or Oblivion) Fornication the Four Cardinal Points (Altitudes or Regents of the Earth) the Four Elements the Four Winds the Fourth Heaven Fowl, Wild Free Will Friday Friendship Fruit and Fruit Trees Fury the Future

the Face (the Presence) - There were originally about twelve of them in Rabinnic lore, but those that are most frequently mentioned are: Metatron, Michael, Jehoel, Suriel, Yefehiah, Zagzagel, and Uriel. They are also called the angels of sanctification or the angels of glory and all of them were circumcised at the time of Creation.

Fall (Autumn) - Torquaret.

Fascination - Tablibik.

Fasts - Sangariah.

Fate - Manu.

Fear - the amulet angels Yrouel and Morael.

February - Barchiel and Barbiel. In ancient Persia it was Isfandarmend.

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Fertility - in Mandaean lore, Samandiriel or Yusamin.

the Fiery Furnace - an unnamed angel who saved the three princes who were held captive in Babylon for refusing to worship Nebuchadnezzar's golden image. He was seen walking through the unconsuming fire with them to deliver them from death. The names of the Judaean princes that were so saved are Sidrach, Misach, and Abednego. Sometime later a Babylonian King described him as having had a form similar to "the Son of God."

Fifth Heaven - Click here.

Fire - Nathaniel, Arel, Atuniel, Ardarel, Jehoel, Gabriel, Seraph, and Uriel who is the "angel of the fire of the sun." Agni is the Vedic god of fire and mediator (angel) between the gods and man. The Zoroastrian spirit of fire is Atar. According to Kircher in Ecstatic Voyage, the sun "is peopled with angels of fire swimming in seas of light around a volcano from which pour myriads of meteors."

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the Firmament - Hlm Hml.

the First Heaven - Click here.

Fish - Gagiel, Arariel and Azareel.

Flame - El Auria.

the Flaming Sword - see Angels of the Garden of Eden.

Food - Manna and Isda.

the Footstool - Kurzi.

Force - Afriel.

Forests - Zuphlas.

Forgetting and Forgetfulness (or Oblivion) - Poteh and Purah.

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Fornication - see the Angel of Lust.

the Four Cardinal Points (Altitudes or Regents of the Earth) - in Hindu lore they are the Chatur Maharajas, and are named Dhritar-ashtra, Virudhaka, Virupaksha, and Vaishravana. According to Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine, they are the "winged globe and fiery wheels" which is resembles Ezekiel's description of the four living creatures seen at the River Chabar. Click here for more Angels of the Altitudes.

the Four Elements - Seraph and Nathaniel over fire; Cherub, over air; Tharsis, over water; Ariel, over earth.

the Four Winds - Uriel, over the south; Michael, over the east; Raphael, over the west (and also serving as a governor of the south with Uriel); Gabriel, over the north. The Book of the Angel Raziel names Uzziel as one of the angels of the four winds, but doesn't say which.

the Fourth Heaven - Click here.

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Fowl, Wild - Trgiaob.

Free Will - Tabris.

Friday - Anael, Rachiel, and Sachiel.

Friendship - Mihr.

Fruit and Fruit Trees - Alpiel, Sofiel, Serakel, Ilaniel, and Eirnilus.

Fury - Ksoppghiel, who is the chief of the many angels of this order.

the Future - Teiaiel or Isiaiel. In Assyro-Babylonian mythology, the god of foresight was Adad.

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G Gamblers the Garden of Eden Gehenna (a.k.a. Gehennom and Gehinnom) Gemini Gethsemane Glory God Good Good Counsel Good Deeds Grace the Grail the Great (or Mighty) Counsel Greece Grief

Gamblers - Aclahaye.

the Garden of Eden - usually Metatron and Messiah, but also Raphael, as the guardian of the Tree of Life. R.L. Gales, in The Christian Lore of Angels says that it is Jophiel who guards the gates of Eden with a flaming sword.

Gehenna (a.k.a. Gehennom and Gehinnnom) - according to the New Testament this is another name for Hell, and the angels that preside there are: Temeluchus, Kushiel, Shaftiel, Nasargiel, and Duma. According to Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla, Gehennom is the name of the first of Hell's seven lodges, and Kushiel is its chief.

Gemini - Ambriel. In ceremonial magic, Giel. According to Rabbi Chomer (Hebrew cabalist and master of Gaffarel), Sagras and Saraiel.

Gethsemane - Chemuel and Gabriel.

Glory - Sandalphon, who is also the angel of prayer and tears. As a group, the angels of glory are identified with the angels of sanctification. They make their home in the Sixth Heaven, number 660,000 myriads, and "stand over against the throne of Glory and the divisions of flaming fire."

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God - Uriel

Good - an unnamed angel in The Apocalypse of Abraham.

Good Counsel - Jesus.

Good Deeds - an unnamed angel whose picture appears in Longfellow's The Golden Legend.

Grace - Ananchel.

the Grail - an unnamed angel who appears in a painting by the Maitre de Liesborn and in "The Vision of Galahad," by Edward A. Abbey.

Great (or Mighty) Counsel - Messiah, the Holy Ghost, and the Head of Days. Also see the angel of the covenant.

Greece - Javan or Yavan, another name for Greece.

Grief - an unnamed angel who is depicted in a famous monument in the Protestant Cemetery of Rome and at Stanford University in California.

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H Hades Hail (or Hailstorms) Healing Health Heavenly Baptism Hell Herbs Heroism Hidden Things the Hills His Presence Hoarfrost Holiness the Holy Spirit Hope Horror Hostility (Mal'akh Hammastemah) Humanity Hurricanes

Hades - Uriel, over Tartarus; Raphael, the "prince of Hades."

Hail (or Hailstorms) - Barachiel, Nuriel, Yurkami, along with the Qaddisin and the Irin.

Healing - Raphael, Suriel, and Assiel.

Health - Mumiah and Raphael.

Heavenly Baptism - Seldac.

Hell - there are seven angels who preside over Hell. Chief among them is Duma, the other six, according to most, are: Kshiel, Lahatiel, Shaftiel, Maccathiel, Chutriel, and Pasiel. Other sources name Dalkiel, Rugziel, and Nasargiel.

Herbs - an unnamed angel who, according to the The Alphabet of Rabbi Akiba, is one of the "splendid, terrible, and mighty angel chiefs" who passed before God to celebrate the First Sabbath.

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Heroism - Narsinha.

Hidden Things - Satarel and Gethel.

the Hills - an unnamed angel who, according to Rabbi Akiba, is one of the "splendid, terrible, and mighty angel chiefs" who passed before God to celebrate the First Sabbath.

His Presence - the Shekinah.

Hoarfrost - an unnamed angel in Enoch I.

Holiness - see the Angel of Sanctification.

the Holy Spirit - Gabriel.

Hope - Phanuel, who is also the Angel of Penance "who holds the devil in his power."

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Horror - the Cherubim who surround the throne of glory and "strike fear and terror in the hearts of all who behold them." Also see Angels of Terror.

Hostility (Mal'akh Hammastemah - Beliel, Beliar, or Mastema.

Humanity - the unnamed angel of the Revelation of Moses who appears to Eve while she is on her knees and praying for forgiveness of her sins. The angels lifts her up while saying, "Arise, Eve, from thy repentance; for behold, Adam thy husband has gone forth from his body." This is how Eve learns that Adam has died. Eve died 6 days later.

Hurricanes - Za'miel and Zaafiel.

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I Ice Immorality Iniquity Insolence Insomnia Intercession Inventions Ire Irrevocable Choice Israel

Ice - an unnamed angel of The Book of Jubilees and the Revelation of John. Also see the Angel of Snow. Iztlacoliuhqui is the Mayan God of Ice.

Immorality - Zethar. who is also an Angel of Confusion.

Iniquity - an unnamed angel of the New Testament, who is sometimes said to be Apollyon. He is described as a being who is "bitter and angry and foolish; and his works are pernicious."

Insolence - Rahab, the demon of the primordial waters and an Angel of Death.

Insomnia - Michael. It was Micheal who was sent by God to infer sleeplessness upon King Ahasuerus, the man who, following the advice of an evil advisor named Haman, declared that all of the Jews in his kingdom should be put to death.

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Intercession - an unnamed angel who Levi encountered during his visit to Heaven. He told Levi that he is charged with interceding "for the people of Israel, so that they may not be utterly destroyed."

Inventions - Liwet.

Ire - Zkzoromtiel.

Irrevocable Choices - Zeffar.

Israel - Michael.

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J January Jehovah Joy Judgment July June June-July (Tammuz or Tamouz) Jupiter, the planet Justice

January - Gabriel and, in ancient Persian lore, Bahman.

Jehovah - see Angel of the Lord.

Joy - Raphael and Gabriel.

Judgment - Gabriel, Zahanpuryu, and Phalgus.

July - Verchiel and, in ancient Persian lore, Murdad.

June - the male angels Muriel and, in ancient Persian lore, Tir.

June-July (Tammuz or Tamouz) - Imriaf and Andour.

Jupiter, the planet - Click here.

Justice - Azza and Tsadkiel.

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K Kislav Knowledge

Kislav - Nadiel.

Knowledge - Raphael.

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L the Last Judgment the Law (Torah a.k.a. the Pentateuch) Lawlessness Leo, the sun sign Liberty Libra Life Light Light of Day Lightning Lights Longevity the Lord the Lord of Hosts Love Lude Lust Luxury

the Last Judgment - Abel, according to The Testament of Abraham, along with Michael and Gabriel.

the Law (Torah a.k.a. the Pentateuch) - the angels are Dina, Yefefiah, Iofiel, and Zagzagel.

Lawlessness - Beliel and Matanbuchus.

Leo, the sun sign - in ceremonial magic, Ol; according to Rabbi Chomer in Transcendental Magic, Sagham and Seratiel.

Liberty - an unnamed angel of Victor Hugo's La Fin de Satan who will be the angel through whom Satan receives redemption.

Libra - in ceremonial magic, Jael; in The Magus, Zuriel; according to Rabbi Chomer, Grasgarben and Hadakiel.

Life - an unnamed angel in a poem by Longfellow who, along with an unnamed angel of death, is dressed in white robes, one "crowned with amaranth as with flame," the other "with asphodels like flakes of light," both "on celestial embassy" from God.

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Light - Isaac, Gabriel, Jesus, and Satan. In the religion o fParsi, Mihr and Parvargigar (the Arabic Rab-un-Naw, "lord of the species"). Also a group of 300 angels, according to Midrash Konen, who reside in the Third Heaven where they keep a constant watch over the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life, while unceasingly singing God's praises. And in the cabala the sun is considered to be both a planet and an angel of light.

the Light of Day - Shamshiel, the prince of Paradise.

Lightning - Barakiel and Uriel. The only celestial beings able to overpower the demon Envy.

Lights - an unnamed angel in The Zadokite Fragments who helped Moses and Aaron to continue in their charge despite Beliel's efforts to stop them.

Longevity - Seheiah, Mumiah and Rehael.

the Lord - Michael, Metatron, Malachi, Gabriel, Akatriel, Yehadriel, Homadiel, and Phinehas, just to name a few.

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the Lord of Hosts - on high, Michael; on earth, the High-priest, so designated "by reason that he belongs to the side of Grace."

Love - Theliel, Rahmiel, Raphael, Donquel, and others. Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, is a cabalistic Angel of Love. In ancient Persian lore, Mihr; in the Talmud, The Zohar, and sources on Mandaean lore, Liwet and Anael. There is also an unnamed angel of love in rabbinic lore who approved the creation of man when God first proposed the idea to an assembly of the top hierarchs.

Lude - the unnamed rooftree angel of France who is depicted in stained glass at St. Bartholomew's Protestant Episcopal Church in New York City. There is also a bronze statue of this angel created by Jehan Barbet de Lyon in 1475. In the 19th century the Marquis de Talhouet moved the statue into his chateau du Lude, which is how the angel got its name.

Lust - an unnamed angel in Talmud Bereshith Rabba 85 who when "Judah was about to pass by, without noticing, Tamar (Judah's daughter-in-law, squatting like a harlot at the crossroads), God caused the angel of lust to present itself to him." However, Arnobius, in Adversus Nationes III, refers to Pharzuph (or Priapus) as "the Hellespontian god of lust."

Luxury - an unnamed angel who, according to Origen in his commentary on Matthew, one falls prey to just before encountering the Angel of Punishment, if they turn their away from the angel Michael.

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