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A Abortion the Abyss Adversity Agriculture the Air Albion Alchemy and Minerology the Altitudes Anger and Wrath Annihilation Announcements Annunciation the Apocalypse April Aquarius Aquatic Animals Aries the Ark of the Covenant Ascension Aspirations and Dreams Augsburg August Autumn

Abortion - Kasdaye.

the Abyss - Abaddon. Also Uriel, the "angel set over the world and Tartarus." In Babylonian-Chaldean mythology, Apsu.

Adversity - Mastema, the prince of evil in such works as The Zadokite Fragments and The Book of Jubilees.

Agriculture - Risnuch.

the Air - Chasan, Casmaron, Cherub, and Iahmel.

Albion - a fictional angel in William Blake's Visions of Daughters of Albion.

Alchemy and Minerology - Och.

the Altitudes - Click here.

Anger and Wrath - Af. Also a group of angels that Moses encounters in the Seventh Heaven, during his visit to Paradise.

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Annihilation - Harbonah, Hasmed and Barbonah.

Announcements - Sirushi.

Annunciation - Gabriel.

the Apocalypse - Orifiel, Anael, Hanile, Anafiel, Zachariel, Raphael, Samael, Michael, Gabriel, and St. Francis of Assisi. According to Cornelius Agrippa, each of these angels will reign for 354 years.

April - Asmodel and Andibehist.

Aquarius - In ceremonial magick, Ausiel. According to Rabbi Chomer in Levi's book of magic, Archer and Ssakmakiel.

Aquatic Animals - Manakel.

Aries - in ceremonial magick, Aiel and Machidiel. According to the cabala, Sataaran and Sariel.

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the Ark of the Covenant - Zarall and Jael.

Ascension - Two angels who are mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles (1:10). Chysostom, Eusebius, Cyril of Jerusalem also mention angels being present during the ascension. There are also two angels of ascension mentioned in noncanonical wiritings, but no source ever names them. In a painting by Mantegna, Christ is depicted fully robed with eleven angels accompanying him on his ascent to Heaven.

Aspirations and Dreams - according to the cabala, the moon is the angel of dreams and aspirations and in occult lore it is Gabriel.

Augsburg - the name given to Agnes Bernauer, teh lovely but low-born wife of Duke Albrects of Wurtenberg who was drowned for being a witch in 1435. It was albrect's own father, Dike Ernest of bavaria who instigated the drowning and it is the subject of a woodcarving that can be found in The History of the Devil by Paul Carus.

August - Hamaliel. The Hebrew angel of Elul (August-September) is Morael. And, in Persian lore, the angel of August is Shahrivari.

Autumn - Guabarel and Tarquam.

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B Babylon Balances Baptismal Water Barrenness Beasts, Tame Beasts, Wild Benevolence Birds the Bottomless Pit the Burning Bush

Babylon - an unnamed angel of the Midrash Tehillim who "mounted seventy rounds [of the ladder of Jacob]."

Balances - Soqed Hozi, Dokiel, Michael, and Zehanpuryu'h.

the Baptismal Water - Raphael.

Barrenness - Akriel.

Beasts, Tame - Behemiel and Hariel.

Beasts, Wild - Thegri, Mtniel, Jehiel, and Hayyal.

Benevolence - Zadkiel, Hasdiel, Achsah.

Birds - Arael and Anpiel.

the Bottomless Pit - Abaddon.

the Burning Bush - Zagzagel and Michael. However, a strict interpretation of the use of the term in various books of the bible, such as Exodus 3:2, Luke 20"37, and Acts7:35, would suggest that it is God himself who is the angel of the burning bush, manifesting in the guise of an angel.

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C Calculations Cancer, the sun sign Capricorn Carnal Desires Chance Chaos Chaste Hands Chastisement Clouds Cold Colonies Comets and Meteors Commission Brokers Commotion Communication Compassion Conception Confusion Constellations Corruption (Perdition) Covenant Creation Creeping Things

Calculations - Butator.

Cancer (the sun sign) - Cael.

Capricorn - in ceremonial magick, Casujoiah. According to Rabbi Chomer in Levi's Transecndental Magic, Sagdalon and Semakiel.

Carnal Desires - see Angel of Lust.

Chance (gambling) - Barakiel, Uriel and Rubiel.

Chaste Hands - Ouestucati.

Chastisement - Amaliel. In gnostic lore Asmodel, the occult angel of April, is the demon of chastisement.

Clouds - unnamed angels of The Book of Jubilees who were created on the first day of Creation.

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Cold - unnamed angels of The Book of Jubilees and the Revelation of John.

Colonies - fictional angels in Blake's Visions of the Daughters of Albion.

Comets and Meteors - Akhibel and Zikiel.

Commission Brokers - Click here for the guardian angel of commission brokers, commerce, bankers, etc.

Commotion - Zi'iel.

Communication - Ambriel.

Compassion - Rachmiel and Raphael. The Nepalese also have a god of compassion who is called Avalokiteshvara. This god renounced Nirvana so that he could serve and save mankind.

Conception - Laila.

Confusion - there are seven angels of confusion who were sent by god to put an end to the pleasures of Ahasuerus' king in the time of Queen Esther. They may also have played a role in the incident at the Tower of Babel. There names are: Mehuman - confusion; Biztha - destroyer of the house; Barbonah - annihilation; Bigtha - presser of the winepress; Abatha = another presser of the winepress; Zethar; and Carcas. Harbonah and Hasmed are also angels of confusion.

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Constellations - Kakabel and Rahtiel.

Corruption (Perdition) - the seventy tutelary angels in Talmudic lore that god assigned to rule over the seventy nations on earth. These angels became the amlache habbala (angels of corruption) through national bias. The only angel among the original seventy who wasn't corrupted was Michael, the protector of Israel.

the Covenant - Metatron, Michael, Mastema, Phadiel, and Elijah, the Angel of the Lord. According to Regamey in What is an Angel?, however, citing Malachi 3:1, "the Angel of the Covenant must be the Lord himself."

Creation - at the time of Creation, there were seven such angels and they were place given control of the seven planets, the seven including the sun and the moon. They are: Orifiel, Anael, Zachariel, Samael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael. According to Enoch, they reside in the Sixth Heaven.

Creeping Things - Tgriaob.

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D Darkness Dawn Day or Daylight Death December the Deep Deliverance Deserts Destiny Destruction (Malache Habbalah) the Disk of the Sun Divination the Divine Chariot the Divine Presence Dominions (Dominations) Doves Dread (a.k.a. Lords of) Dreams Dust

Darkness - angels who are also known as the princes of darkness and angels of death. They include Belial, Bernael, Haziel, Beliar and Satan, just to name a few. "All who practice perversity are under the domination of the angel of darkness." "All of men's afflictions and all of their moments of tribulation are due to this being's malevolent sway." According to Budge in Amulets and Talismans, Kochbiel is the angel of darkness. In Chaldean lore and From the Tablets of Sumer by Kramer, it is An. In Mandean lore there are five angels of darkness: Akrun (Krun), Ashdum (Shdum), Gaf, Hagh, and Zasgi-Zargana.

Dawn - the gnostic dragon who, in Revelations, is either Satan or Lucifer.

Day or Daylight - Shamshiel.

Death - there are at least twelve such angels in Jewish lore: Adriel, Abaddon, Azrael, Gabriel (as the guardian of Hades), Hemah, Kafziel, Kezef, Leviathan, Malach ha-Mavet, Mashhit, Metatron, Samael (Satan), Yehudiah (Yehudiam) and Yetzer-hara. In Falasha lore the angel of death is Suriel, in Babylonia it is Mot. Michael is the Christian angel of death who leads the souls of all good Christians up to the eternal light. The Arabic angels of death are Azrael and Iblis. Schonblum lists six angels of death in the Pirke Rabbenu ha-Kadosh, they are: Gabriel (over the lives of young people), Kafziel (over the lives of kings), Meshabber (over the lives of animals), Mashhit (over the lives of children), Af (over the lives of men) and Hemah (over the lives of domestic animals). In Zoroastrianism it is Mairya.

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December - Dai, Haniel, and Nadiel.

the Deep - Tamiel, RAmpel and Rahab.

Deliverance - according to The Zohar, Pedael.

Deserts - one of the unnamed "splendid, terrible and mighty angel chiefs who passed before God to extol and rejoice in the first Sabbath."

Destiny - Oriel and Manu.

Destruction (Malache Habbalah) - Uriel, Harbonah, Azriel, Simkiel, Za'afiel, Af, Kolazonta and Hemah. According to the 3 Enoch their chief is Simkiel, and in the Revelation of Moses it is Kemuel. When executing the punishments on the world, the angels of destruction are given the 'Sword of God' to be used by them as an instrument of punishment." According to Moses Gaster, there are 40,000 angels of destruction (too many to list here :)!), and in Jewish legend there are 90,000 in Hell alone.

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the Disk of the Sun - Chur.

Divination - Eistibus.

the Divine Chariot - Rikbiel YHVH.

the Divine Presence - see Angels of the Face.

Dominions (Dominations) - Azcharael.

Doves - Alphun.

Dread (a.k.a. Lords of) - unnamed angels who, according to 3 Enoch, work together with the Captains of Fear surrounding the throne of Glory while "singing the praises and hymns before YHVH, the God of Israel."

Dreams - Duma and Gabriel (the "supervisor of dreams" in The Zohar). According to Levi in Transcendetal Magic, the cabalistic angels of dreams are the Moon and Gabriel (also see angels of aspriations and dreams).

the Dust - Suphlatus.

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