The Choir of Angels. Their name means "sparks" or "heavenly fire."

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Guardian Angels of Arabia - Preceptor (teaching) Angels - The Favashi
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The choir of Angels act as intermediaries between God and humanity. They are the celestial choir closest to humans who labor incessantly to guide and protect them; among them are found the guardian angels. The Ishim are angels who are made up of snow and fire who represent the ninth Sephira and reside in the Fifth Heaven. According to the cabala, they are "the beautiful souls of just men (the saints) and are the same as the bene elim (Thrones or Angels). They were created is to constantly sing God's praises. The chief angels of the Ishim are either Azazel and Zephaiah and they rank ninth in the Mirandola hierarchy, but are not included in that of Dionysius. To Maimonides they are his Mishna Thora (a highly ranked order of angels).

Guardian angels are those Ishim who are charged with being the protective spirits of creatures and nations. It is believed by some that each of us is assigned one or more guardian angels upon our birth, that every blade of grass has an agnel over it urging it to "grow," and that there are seventy such angels that protect each of the world's nations - one for each state. The four ruling princes of the guardians are Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. Rabbinical tradition says that the seventy guardians of the nations became corrupted through national bias and, as a result, are now considered to be demons. All of them except for Michael, the guardian of Israel, that is, because his bias was justifiable in that he was fighting on behalf of the "chosen people" (the Jews). The Talmud says that every person of the Jewish faith has as many as 11,000 guardian angels watching over him throughout his lifetime. According to Athanasius Kircher, "the guardian angels of all the virtues" can be found "inhabiting the Elysian shores of the planet Jupiter." The Catholics hold a feast to honor these beings on October 2nd of each year.

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The Guardian Angels (general)
These angels have no specific charges, they are guardian spirits of us all.

Agathodaemon - Arcade - Michael - Nergal - Raphael - Sapiel

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The Guardian Angels of Arabia

Ata'il - Durba'il - Harta'il - Hula'il - Itra'il - Jibra'il - Kalka'il - Kharura'il - Luma'il - Mahka'il - Mika'il - Nukha'il - Raftma'il - Ruya'il - Sarhma'il - Sharka'il - Tankf'il - Tata'il

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The Guardian Angels of...

Adam - Adam and Eve - Adnachiel - Animals - Authors, Orators and College Professors

Babylonia, Persia, and Special Accusers - Bankers, Merchants and Commision Brokers - Barcelona - Birds

Children - Creativity

Earth - Earthly Princes - Egypt - Enoch's Descendants - Esau

Fighters for Good Causes, Admirals and Generals - Fish - Fishermen - Fourth Heaven - France

Garden, the - Garden of Eden, the - Germany - Greece

Health - Heaven and Earth - Heavenly Paradise - Hymns and Prayers

Innocent, the - Israel

Jacob - Joseph

King David


Maturity - Ministers and Missionaries


Occult, the

Peace - the Poor

River Jordan, the

Saint John - Saint Peter - Sea Animals - Service - the Sorrows of Death - Spiritual Growth

Talmud Abot - Torah and Wisdom, the

Virgin Mary, the

West, the

Young Adults - Young Love - Youth

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Adam - Raziel.

Adam and Eve - According to The Book of Adam and Eve had two grardian angels who were both members of the order of Virtues.

Adnachiel (a.k.a. Advachiel and Adernahael) - an Ishim whose name I heard mentioned, but have yet to find any information on.

Animals - Behemiel.

Authors, Orators, and College Professors - Mehiel.

Babylonia, Persia, and the special accusers of Israel - Dubbiel.

Bankers, Merchants, and Commission Brokers - Anauel.

Barcelona - This angel is said to have visited St. Vincent Ferrer. The angel never actually protected the city because it was siezed rather frequently, but there is a statue of him there.

Birds - Anpiel.

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Children - His purpose is to guard and protect all children. He helps you to protect the child within who longs to feel safe and loved, look after all new beginnings in your life, and honor what is young and fresh in your life.

Creativity - His purpose is to guide your creativity to flourish. He can help you to be creative with your life, express yourself well in everything you do, and acknowledge your creative gifts that come from the Source.

Earth, the - According to many early Christian fathers Earth's guardian used to be Satan, before his fall, of course.

Earthly Princes - Iedidiel.

Egypt - Duma, Mitzraim, Rahab and Uzza.

Enoch's Descendants - Arioc.

Esau - Samael.

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Fighters for Good Causes, Admirals and Generals - Nemamiah.

Fish - Dagiel.

Fishermen - Arariel.

Fourth Heaven, the - Pachdiel.

France - The guradian angel of France is Hakamiah.

Garden, the - Cathetel.

Garden of Eden, the - Ridwan, Cherub, Messiah, and Shamshiel.

Germany - Michael.

Greece - Javan.

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Health - He can help you to find the energy you need to do the things you like, look after your health better, and manage your energy appropriately so as not to exhaust yourself.

Heaven and Earth - An angel made of snow and fire who resides in the Sixth Heaven.

Heavenly Paradise - Zephon and Zotiel.

Hymns and Prayers - Vrihaspati.

Innocent, the - Mebabel.

Israel - Javan and Michael.

Jacob - Peliel.

Joseph - Tsadkiel.

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King David - Gerviel.

Libbeus, an apostle - Elim (also an order of angels).

Maturity - He is here to guide us in our emotional growth. He can help you to understand your growth process towards maturity, allow yourself to do the things in life you have always wanted to do, and cope with the responsibilities of adulthood.

Ministers and Missionaries Devoted to Jesus - Hahael.

Nebuchadnezzar - according to The Legends of the Jews VI, his guardian angel is Kal.

Occult, the - Shamriel.

Peace - Michael.

Poor, the - Sraosha.

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River Jordan, the - Silmai and Nidbai.

Saint John - Salem and Selith.

Saint Peter - Orion.

Sea Animals - Mankael.

Service - He teaches us how to give from our hearts. He can teach you to understand the nature of giving to others, allow yourself to be given to, and to appreciate the spiritual function of service.

Sorrows of Death, the - Paraqlitos.

Spiritual Growth - He is in charge of protecting our growing spirituality. He can help you to allow your spirituality to shine, acknowledge the source of all life, and see the light in everyone around you.

Talmud Abot, the - the Sedim.

Torah and Wisdom, the - Dina.

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Virgin Mary, the - Selith.

West, the - Raphael.

Young Adults - He is in charge of helping young adults choose a clear direction. He can help you to take responsibility for your life, follow the direction in which you heart leads you, and make wise and careful decisions for yourself.

Young Love - His purpose is to protect all who fall in love. He can help you to value your sexuality and honor it with love, cherish the gifts of love and an open heart and to love and respect your own tender feelings.

Youth - His purpose is to guard and protect all that is youthful in us. He can help you to enjoy your youthful spirit, strengthen and protect your vitality, and nourish all that is youthful about you.

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Preceptor Angels
The angels who serve as counselors and guides to the Jewish patriarchs of the cabala.

Patriarch Preceptor Angel
Toby the Younger
Jophiel (Yophiel)
Zidekiel (Zadkiel)
Peliel (Pehel)
Malashiel or Maltiel
Camael (Gamael)
Cerviel (Gerviel, Gernaiul)

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a.k.a. Pravashi, Farohars, Ferourers, Fervers, Farchers, and Fravardin

These beings are the Zoroastrian guardian angels of all believers and the original celestial model for all created beings. They have a dual nature: on one hand they are angels and, on the other, they have the characteristics of huamns. The Zend-Avesta calls them Fravardin, "female genii dwelling in all things and protectors of mankind." In Jacob Wassermann's Dr. Kerkhoven they are described as being "part of the human soul yet independent of the body [...] not destructible like the conscience and the mind [...] niether are they assigned to one and the same body; they may find themselves another body, provided it belongs to the pure." They are in heaven before birth and are united with the soul after death. They are also known as the Ahura Mazda's assistants in the war against evil.

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