Chiefs of the Altitudes
Chora (the four cardinal points)

First Altitude - Second Altitude - Third Altitude - Fourth Altitude
Angel Princes of the Four Directions

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To invoke an Altitude chief one must summon the angel during an hour on a day in the month of the year that the angel rules over.

First Altitude
These Chora carry a banner with a red cross on it and wear a crown of roses. They are also said to speak in a low voice.

Alimiel - Barachiel - Gabriel - Helison - Lebes

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Second Altitude
These chora appear as young reddish-faced children dressed in satin and wearing a crown of red gilly flowers.

Aphiriza - Armon - Genon - Geron - Gereimon

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Third Altitude
These chora either appear in the form of little children or small women clad in green or silver and wearing a crown of bay leaves. A sweet scent lingers when they depart.

Eliphaniasai - Elomina - Gedobonai - Gelomiros - Taranava

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Fourth Altitude
They manifest as either boys or little men wearing a blend of black and dark green and carrying a "naked" bird in their hands.

Barachiel - Capitiel - Deliel - Gebiel - Gediel

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Angel Princes of the Four Directions

...of The South - To guide and protect all of the people within its realm. This angel can help you to feel well in your body, awaken your senses and ground your energy so you are better able to realize your gifts and make your dreams a reality.

...of The North - To encourage all the people and assist world leaders in rational thinking. This angel can help you to keep your thoughts positive and affirmative, engage in clear and focused thinking and use your thinking for your highest good and greatest joy.

...of The East - To help all people open and express their feelings. This angel can help you to accept your feelings, open your heart, and feel safe in expressing yourself and you innermost feelings.

...of The West - To provide all people with access to the heavenly realms. This angel can help you to understand the true nature of people and situations, develop your intuition and trust your inner knowing, and help you to experience life through other dimensions.

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