Business Buffet Style

Business Buffett Style

With your groups, you are going to come up with an idea for a new type of business that Mr. Buffett can open.

As you've learned, Jimmy Buffett has owned and does own many types of businesses. You also may have noticed that all of his companies have a common theme. If you didn't notice that, then go back and look at his company websites again. I'm sure something will come to you. When performing the following steps, you need to have that theme in mind. Because if your idea doesn't fit that theme, then Mr. Buffett won't even want to hear your ideas!

In your groups, create a new business for Jimmy Buffet to start:

1. Think of ideas for a product or products for you business to sell.
2. Create a name for your company.
3. Design a company logo.
4. Write a letter to Jimmy Buffet telling him about your idea and why he should give you the money you need to start your new business.
5. Put your idea and company logo into an envelope with your letter and place it in the mail box.
6. Write an article announcing the "Grand Opening" of your new company for the newspaper.

Set created by Tropical Nights

© Debbi Rapp, 2007